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The Top 10 games of 2010

The titles that took this year by storm

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Lords of Shadow has no problem sitting in the same theatre as the likes of God of War and Bayonetta, with 50 levels and a campaign that lasts over 20 hours, "big" is too little a word to describe this one.


When we first heard about Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood we assumed it was some make-shift spin-off, a cheeky money spinner, Assassin's Creed 2.5 at best.

But boy did Ubisoft deliver. OK so the story itself was slightly lacking, meaning we couldn't really see Brotherhood as a full sequel, but brand new mechanics like assassin management and the beautiful sandbox of Rome to wander made this one of the best action titles of the year.

If the normal dose of single-player stabbing wasn't enough, Brotherhood also introduced multiplayer to the series complete with some fresh takes on classic online modes. Forget running and gunning, sneaking and stabbing is where it's at.


If you were to name the three biggest names in gaming, with Call of Duty and Halo taking two of those spots, you'd probably confidently stick Mass Effect in there as well.

Mass Effect 2 took its sci-fi RPG predecessor and improved on it in almost every way, many of the (albeit few) flaws of the original were rectified meaning it just felt like a finished, quality package.

Mass Effect 2 managed to balance and blend satisfying, sophisticated combat and immersive RPG seamlessly.

That well crafted dynamic was placed into a beautiful, enthralling world, with charming, deep characters and an overall impressively cinematic feel. It may not get the midnight queues but this is one of the giants of gaming.


This is a name that will always have an impact in the world of video games and that was probably even more true this year since as Reach marked the end of Bungie's Halo series.

While Halo Reach's campaign didn't exactly take any risks, it's hard to criticise a game for doing what it does best. It's something that's all the more forgiveable when you realise that Reach sported the most beautiful single-player in the series to date along with brilliant AI and combat.

Multiplayer brought classic modes that were sure to get hardcore fans excited but the fact that we were more interested in the new modes this time around (Versus Firefight being a particular favourite) is testament to how outstanding the online mode was. What a way to bow out.


We could have probably told you this game would be on the best of 2010 list at the beginning of the year.

Being the massive name that CoD is, it's guaranteed to do the numbers but this time it was Treyarch that stole the show with an edition that had weight in places that Modern Warfare 2 was left lacking.

The single-player campaign was what stood out for us, with this year's Call of Duty actually giving something that felt like a properly compelling narrative.

Add some brilliant set pieces and you've got probably the best campaign in the series so far.

The rest is classic CoD and while that meant some shortcomings in terms of AI, it also meant that we got the same life consuming multiplayer format that we feverishly anticipated for so long.


To say that Super Mario Galaxy is a hard act to follow is an understatement, so we were a bit taken aback when we found that Super Mario Galaxy 2 managed to top it nicely.

The first direct sequel to a 3D Mario game managed to build on the original with new brilliantly imaginative worlds that gave us big challenges some of the time and immense fun all of the time.

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