Elder Scrolls V release date announced, gets trailer

Skyrim will be here in November 2011

Bethesda has announced the release date of the Elder Scrolls V will be November 11, 2011.

ES V: Skyrim was shown off at the VGAs in Los Angeles last night.


The title will be a direct sequel to Oblivion and has been in development for two years. Bethesda is yet to confirm the platforms that Skyrim will be released on.

Skyrim has been seen in previous Elder Scrolls games, and is famous for being one of the most bitterly cold provinces in all of Tamriel.
Skyrim, also known as "The Throat", gets its nickname from the fact that it's directly north of "The Heartland", Cyrodiil.

The arctic province is largely populated by the hot-tempered race called the Nords who have become accustomed to the bitter winters.

Check out the trailer below.

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