Uncharted 3 goodies all over your PSN

Dynamic themes, videos and free wallpapers available via the PS Store

Who cares if it's not PSN update day. Sony's thrown a whole bunch of Uncharted 3-related goodies up on the PS Store for you to grab.


Along with a nice, crisp HD version of the trailer revealed this weekend, you'll also find a dynamic theme, wallpaper and a Drake avatar for your PS3.

You can also type in the following PSN redeem code (SCEE PSN accounts only) to retrieve a 'hidden' avatar and static theme for free:


Next up, head into Home and visit the theatre, watch the Uncharted 3 trailer in there and you'll be rewarded with an Uncharted 3 Home t-shirt.

And finally you'll find all the DLC content for Uncharted 2 going for reduced prices for a "limited time". If you haven't tried it, the multiplayer in U2 is actually pretty good fun, so get on that while it lasts. You're also able to purchase the Uncharted 2 Golden Guns DLC, previously only available to Collectors Edition owners.

Sony has given Uncharted 3 a release date of November 1.