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Raving Rabbids Travel In Time

Nightmare at the museum

Following the surprisingly worthwhile Rabbids Go Home, which ditched minigames in favour of action adventuring, Travel In Time sees the Rabbids up to their old tricks.

They've somehow acquired a time-travelling washing machine (as we're sure you'll agree, the very idea is hilarious), which transports them across history and gets their whites dazzling white at the same time.

After an irritatingly long intro, the machine promptly lands in the Museum of Minigames, and we're soon up to our elbows in party games.

Then, after a quick visit to the toilet1 to set up your profile, you're let loose in the museum, but with a bit of bog roll stuck to your foot. With two or more players this tissue chains you together, so you don't wander off to collect pointless doodads on your own.

This hub is effectively a menu, and an unnecessarily large one at that. Luckily, after completing a few games you unlock the teleport function, which saves you the bother of running back and forth between each area.

There are five of these areas, or -ariums as the game calls them, and it won't take too long to try the handful of activities in each. The Bouncearium houses dull side-scrolling platform games, while the Flyarium contains spectacularly frustrating flying ones.

Steering your winged Rabbid involves a lot of tipping and tilting, but the lack of precision made us pine for analogue control.

The Shootarium fares much better, as the Wii remote is naturally more suited to pointing and firing, but like most of the included activities, these don't half drag on.

What starts as a fun mine-cart ride turns into a cross-country yawnfest; it's the polar opposite of the minigame barrage of WarioWare.

You'll find races at the Runarium, and these aren't too bad if you can put up with jogging everywhere on foot. The Hookarium, meanwhile, consists of three fishing games, the only ones that use MotionPlus.

It takes ages to get to grips with the annoying controls, but there is at least one inspired minigame here.

And that's your lot: less than 30 minigames in total, very few of which are worthy of your time, and none of which explain their rules or controls.

If we had access to a time machine we wouldn't go back and gunge Hitler; we'd take the Rabbids out of that pimped-out washing machine and stuff them in a fan oven instead - 250 degrees and ten minutes later and the world would be a much better place.

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The verdict

Travel In Time doesn't so much scrape the barrel as suck dirt from the barrel with a bendy straw. There are almost no ideas and, as a result, almost no fun

Nintendo Wii