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UK/US SingStores unified, all future releases universal

Sony does deal with Universal Music, brings US singers up to speed

SCEA has confirmed that the US SingStore - the online song marketplace for its SingStar games - has been unified with the UK one.

Sony has fixed niggling licensing issues with Universal Music, now enabling them to launch the same songs on both stores simultaneously.

This is apparently in response to complaints from US gamers disgruntled with their store lacking a large number of songs that can only be found on the UK SingStore.

"Moving forward, SingStar updates will be one and the same for both stores, and fans in the US will have access to the same great music and artists as our friends across the pond," confirms Sony.


"In addition to delivering new Universal content to the SingStore, we'll also be going back and releasing tons of songs in large updates that previously have only been available on the European SingStore as our way of thanking you for your patience as we worked to negotiate this contract."

Back-catalogue updates start on December 15, with over 64 songs arriving on the US store. Click through to the US PS Blog for a full list.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]