Uncharted 3 to get campaign co-op?

Will we get to play as Sully in Drake's Deception?

Single-player campaign co-op could feature in Uncharted 3 if a new retail listing is anything to go by.

Gamestop has Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception listed as having online multiplayer for 1-12 players, and online co-op for 1-3 players, which featured in Uncharted 2.


What's interesting, however, is the section 'Number of players' (completely separate from the online features) reads "1-2 players", perhaps suggesting campaign co-op could be on the cards.

Obviously the most likely candidate to partner up with Drake is Sully, although Nate does like to switch his mates around a lot.

The first look at Uncharted 3 gameplay footage arrived on Earth last night, showing Nate and Sully getting a little hot under the collar.