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UFC sues Ubisoft over Kinect's Fighters Uncaged

Zuffa gets physical with its 'Ultimate Fighting' trademark

UFC parent company Zuffa has launched a trademark suit over Ubisoft's use of the term 'Ultimate Fighting' in association with its Kinect exclusive game Fighters Uncaged.


The French publisher's underground street-fighting title encourages players to become "the Ultimate Fighting weapon", and Zuffa feels this is enough to infringe upon its trademark.

The firm alleges that Ubisoft's use of the term was designed to confuse consumers and create associations with the UFC, in the process damaging Zuffa's reputation and harming its business, Sherdog reports.

Zuffa wants Ubisoft to be banned from producing products that infringe on its trademark and for all copies of the game carrying the phrase to be destroyed.

THQ currently holds the official license to make UFC games. UFC itself has clashed with publishers before, notably when president Dana White slammed EA over its attempts to break into the market.

[ SOURCE: Sherdog ]