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Would Smash Bros. work on Gameboy?

Video: Take a time-warp to 8-bit games that never were...

Ever wondered what Super Smash Bros. would look like in the vintage green and black days of Gameboy?

Well wonder no more, because not only has someone made a video depicting such a fever dream but the 8-bit game is actually nearing release.

Developed by Dan Fornance, Super Smash Land is basically an old-timey version of Super Smash Bros. made with Game Maker 8 and will get its own demo on Friday at Pikimal

"The Demo will feature 2 Characters and 3 Stages along with in-game options like Music, SFX, Full Screen and Controls Changing," says Dan on his blog.

"Don't forget the game is 4 player so that means go buy some USB controllers if you don't have them. I include a Joy2Key already set up for you in the zip folder."

We've been secretly pondering away a DS version of Smash Bros. for years. Could it work on the 3DS? Will Nintendo make it? We reckon it's not such a far fetched idea...

[ SOURCE: Dan Fornance's blog ]