Full Uncharted 3 trailer: Dissected

Analysis: 20 screenshots from the latest Naughty Dog showcase

The avalanche of reveals at the VGAs last weekend has left CSI: CVG with something of a mountain of evidence to get through. Right before Christmas as well, thanks a lot the internet.

First under the UV light is the full Uncharted 3 trailer that went live on Sunday.

It started off scanning over the same table we picked to pieces in our last Uncharted 3 analysis but then went so much further.

Like the train hanging off the edge of a cliff in Uncharted 2, this trailer teases Drake's latest pickle, namely been stranded in the desert. We can't see how Naughty Dog will craft such a compelling level with little more than miles and miles of sand, but then this is Naughty Dog we're talking about.


What we can try and work out, however, is how Drake got there in the first place. Walking through the sand, Drake passes a khaki clad arm sticking out of the sand clutching a rifle. It's the classic Uncharted henchman arm and Nathan Drake is clearly not at all surprised to see it there as he nabs the AK for himself, the bad guy was clearly with Drake leading up to this scene.


You might think the pair have been in one of Uncharted's prompt-based melee scraps, but that wouldn't explain why the soldier is already covered in sand. Drake moves on and comes across a jeep, half sticking out of the sand.

Well, actually, we say "comes across" but again he doesn't pay the odd site any attention at all but continues to keep walking. So he expects the jeep to be there and in such a state.


The next thing that's revealed is the much larger wreckage of a plane that's equally as messy - again, Drake clearly isn't discovering this for the first time judging by his reaction to the scene (or lack thereof).

He also makes no attempt to investigate or explore either wreckage and we think that by this point it's pretty clear that's because he was on that plane or in the jeep it crashed and, in true Nathan Drake fashion, emerged the only survivor.

Two similar things could have happened here; either Drake was in the jeep with the solider and the plane crashed close enough to the vehicle to cause it to crash, or the jeep was being carried by the plane itself along with the henchman and Drake and everything came crashing down at once.

We think it's the latter otherwise Drake would have been more inclined to investigate the plane that nearly took his head off.
So in a Columbo round-up sort of way we think that this, like Uncharted 2's train level, will mark the start of the game, or at least the moments before the plane crash will. Drake has been captured (hence the henchman) - maybe thanks to a betrayal judging by the game's title - and is being transported somewhere by air when he is either able to cause the plane to crash or it is brought down by someone else. We think the truck could have been on the plane to begin with - maybe Drake was transported by it prior to boarding.


As our protagonist's reading to Sully suggests, he's got into this fine mess by being a dreamer by day and endeavouring to make those dreams come true. Adventuring basically, typical Drake.

How he's going to survive in the middle of the desert we don't know, unless there was actually an outsider who brought the plane down and could offer assistance again.

While we're certain the above sequence is going to feature as an in-game cut-scene we're then treated to some actual gameplay. We get a gameplay segment for each digit in the game's release date (11-1-11).

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