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CVG's Site Of The Week: ZombieGamer

Turning heads towards the top sites on the net

Last week we sat down with Made2Game to find out all about the multiplatform news site.

This week we're turning our attention to the horde slowly approaching with ZombieGamer


Focusing on news and reviews primarily console-centric, ZombieGamer is the work of two men in an attempt to increase the amount of coverage the games industry gets in South Africa.

But, by the power of the internet the gaming goodness flowing from the decaying veins of the gaming zombie is, of course, able to spread to a global audience.

We chucked a hunk of meat in the direction of Clinton 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea (the site's co-owner alongside Victor 'r0gue Zombie' Vieira) and sat down to chew the fat.

What sets ZombieGamer apart from other sites?

We're zombies...that play games... Actually, the reality is a lot more boring. Our original concept was that we would be a gaming site run by gamers - a cliché I know, but the only honest answer.

When we first took over the site from its original owner, we did so as a consortium of two South African Xbox clans (O.A.P. and R.I.P.) with no real previous industry or journalism experience, but with a potential pool of around 40 gamers (contributors) we thought we could bring a unique and individual opinion and view point to gaming news and reviews specifically.

We never expected to win any prizes for journalism that way, but hoped we could give back - and help grow - the South African gaming community in general. Over time, the number of contributors has dwindled, and now we are two main contributors (Zombie Dredd and r0gue Zombie), who are still carrying on that core ideal.

Also, as can be surmised by the O.A.P. clan name, we aren't the youngest people around - something that we believe entitles us to be a little more jaded and maybe even a little cynical about gaming at times.

What would you say you specialise in?

News and reviews. We do focus primarily on console gaming, but have been keen to expand a little more and have started to cover some mobile gaming as well as increasing our PC coverage.

We do attempt to avoid 'casual' games a little, but that's mainly because we will never publicly admit to playing Hello Kitty and Barbie games...even under extreme torture.

What do you have planned for the future?

As close back as a decade ago, South Africa was largely lacking in gaming publications - both print and online. We hope and are working to assist in the industry growing here.

We have just as much gaming happening here as anywhere else in the world, but had to rely on importing magazines and visiting the Eurogamers or CVG's of the web, and now that picture is changing and growing and we want to be a part of it.

We hope to get local and African gamers news and info on games locally and have them be included and not have to rely on the CVG's of the world.

We are also planning a facelift of the site as the New Year rolls around. We have a very positive outlook for next year in general though, and hope to have a few more people enjoy it with us.