Force Unleashed 2 'Endor' DLC out now

Watch out for those Ewoks

Microsoft has confirmed that the 'Endor' DLC pack for Force Unleashed 2 is available now on Xbox Live marketplace.

The extra content sees Darth Vadar's secret apprentice travel across the galaxy to the forest-covered home of the Ewoks and is set during the time of Return of the Jedi.


The DLC provides an alternative perspective on the events that take place on the Ewok home planet.

"As Gamers and fans of the Star Wars universe, the infinite storyline allows us a 'what if' moment that scratches an itch by rolling the dice with established Star Wars characters or scenarios," said LucasArts executive producer Gio Corsi. "It's a pretty sweet opportunity. And yes, there will be battles with Ewoks!"

The 'Endor' DLC can be downloaded now for 80 Microsoft Points (yes - 69p).