EA: 'One game' can save music genre

Big hits are coming, promises Rock Band pub

The flagging music genre needs just one big hit to get it out of trouble, reckons EA's worldwide music executive Steve Schnur.

Sales of big selling rhythm action games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have declined year-on-year.


But speaking to trade mag MCV, the EA exec hinted that the firm has a few games on the way that could be the answer (is the brilliant Rock Band 3 not enough?)

"The video game industry is no different than the movie, music or television business," Schnur said. "One big hit will change everything. And at EA, new hits are on the way."

Schnur, who looks after EA's music label Artwerk, said he also feels that game soundtracks should have a bigger place at retail.

"The industry is just now starting to catch up to what gamers have known for years: that the best game scores can - and should - have the same impact of film scores. And that includes their availability at retail," he added.

His comments echo that of EA CEO John Riccitiello, who told Kotaku that the "music genre is going to recover."