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Marvel vs Capcom 3 C.Viper, Storm screens

More screens of the two new fighters

Capcom's released new screens of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, showing off Street Fighter 4's Crimson Viper and Storm in action.

X-Men mainstay Storm has featured prominently in past Marvel vs Capcom titles and is extremely popular among tournament level players, mainly thanks to a well rounded move-set.


Judging from the screens it looks like the majority of her specials are still intact.

C.Viper makes her crossover debut in MvC3, coming over from Street Fighter IV.

The screens show Viper using her Thunder Knuckle, Burning Kick and Seismic Hammer moves so it's likely that she'll play quite similar to her SFIV version.

Capcom recently confirmed the release date for Marvel vs Capcom 3.