Best games of 2011: Bulletstorm - Riding on the coattails of Gears 3?

Preview: Or is it more fun than than you can shake a stick of dynamite at?

Don't let the announcement that the Gears Of War 3 beta will be included with the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm factor into what you think about People Can Fly's upcoming FPS.

They say seeing is believing, so playing Bulletstorm is drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid and demanding seconds.

As we've said before, there's no substitute for hands-on with this game. You need to experience the moreish sensation of chaining attacks with environmental hazards to obliterate your

You can get a flavour of the action from the latest trailer (below). We had the chance to play the game at a recent EA event.

This video is no longer available

Single player sees you and a (largely redundant) AI partner blast through hordes of creatures that seem to have wandered off the set of Gears Of War 3. The bigger the kill, the more points you get.

True beauty is found in Bulletstorm by combining all kinds of cruel torture. For example: lob your bolas at an enemy and watch them wrap around his neck. As he's choking, sprint up and kick out, sending him flying in slow motion.

Now shoot him in the nuts with your assault rifle and - to finish off with a bang - wait for the explosives to detonate what's left.

All the while you'll see words and numbers fly around. These are the points you're accumulating for your flashy murder, and this is where it gets addictive. You want to score big.

You want to try out new combos, experimenting with different weapons and bits of scenery to inflict ultimate punishment. It appeals directly to the part of the brain that loves to see that +10 pop up over a fallen opponent's head in COD: Black Ops' multi-player.

Speaking of which, we played the online co-op mode in Bulletstorm too. It's pretty much the same as single player action-wise, only there are four of you inside an arena, all working to achieve a set points total by offing waves of enemies.

There are special co-op attacks too, our favourite being the one where you and a mate leash an opponent and rip him to pieces.

This video is no longer available

Few moments in games are as satisfying, and you'll find yourself high-fiving your friend, who you've inexplicably started calling dude.

Yes, playing is believing, and you will be by February.