Bleszinski explains missing Gears 3 VGA announcement

"It's a war out there," says the Cliffster

You may remember a certain teaser for a big Gears of War 3 announcement promised for the VGAs last weekend. Apparently it was "not what you expect". That was accurate, because it was... not made.


The weekend and the awards came and went, several announcements were made, but none from the Epic boys. According to Epic big man, Cliff Bleszinski, there was a last-minute change of plan.

"One thing I've learned in the world of video games; it's a war out there," he said, explaining the absence of the promised reveal.

"There's a lot of strategizing going on and at any point something may shift due to a strategic move that needs to happen. So I came out here potentially announcing something, it turns out the timing's not right."

Boo. And there we were all excited. Regardless, Gears of War 3's already looking stunning so if there are still more major revelations to come, we can't complain.

[ SOURCE: 1Up ]