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New The Sims 3 3DS screenshots and details

Use the 3DS camera to create your Sim

A new version of The Sims 3 will be released for 3DS next year and here are some new screenshots and details.

This new 3DS version enables you to create your own Sim using the 3DS camera, reports Famitsu. You can snap a picture of yourself and then make a Sim who matches your likeness.

You'll also be able to download new hairstyles, clothing and accessories via Wi-Fi Connection while Street Pass enables you to exchange Sims with other players.

We also learn more about Karma Power which enables you to instantly change your Sims' lives. Shake your 3DS handheld and money will fall from the sky but you'll need to watch out when using this power as is you shake too much you'll cause an earthquake.

The Sims 3 was released on all formats in October. Here's our Sims 3 PC review.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]