Fable 3 Dog Breed DLC available now

Anyone for a Poodle?

Microsoft's made the Fable III Dog Bread Pack available for download today and it's the mutt's nuts.

OK, it's not actually that great but it does give adventurers three new four-legged friend to keep by their side.


Included in the pack is a German Shepherd and a Doberman canine companion or, for the fiercest of battles, the dreaded Poodle's got your back.

The Fable III Dog Breed Pack will set you back 240 Microsoft Points. And remember, a dog's for life, not just for Christmas.

Microsoft released Fable III's first DLC offering, the Understone Quest Pack, at a cost of 400 Microsoft Points towards the end of November. Go and have a look at the details if you're not up to speed.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]