Kinect sex game headed to PC - video

Get touchy-feely with 3D ladies via Microsoft's motion sensor

It was inevitable. Someone's taken Microsoft's Kinect and the open source PC drivers released for it, and mixed that with man's undying need for porn and come up with the below - a 3D grope'em-up.

Yup, we knew you'd be interested. It's from a developer called ThriXXX Software (who's apparently known for games such as 3D Sex Villa 2), and will be out on PC for Windows 7 next year.


Basically, a lady - presumably of your choice - sits there with it all hanging out, and you use the magical movement-sensing powers of Kinect to have a jolly old feel. It's early days but it looks like they have the handling (har har) nailed (snigger).

Notice how you only need one hand to play, as well. That's thoughtful game design right there.

The gameplay video is not for younger eyes. Don't look at it. The rest of you, hurry before YouTube removes it for breaking the rules.

[ SOURCE: G4 ]