Two Kinects plus tech wizard = The Future of 3D video chat

How the Skype of 2025 might work

Look how far the internet's come in 15 years. From the screeching sounds of rubbish dial-up connections to flawless HD video streaming and cloud gaming. And one man has created what could be the future of video chat using two Kinect units and a funky-looking Wii Remote.


To give you the jist of it, he sets up two Kinect cameras on either side of a girl, and uses clever magic to combine the two 3D video feeds into one image that recreates that girl in a 3D world - more so than a single Kinect could.

He demonstrates how face tracking can then be used to allow you move around the person you're speaking to, making the 3D illusion even more accurate. It's a tad buggy right now, but this could be a sneak preview of near-hologram-like 3D video chat.

[ SOURCE: Via Joystiq ]