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The 7 best PlayStation 3 exclusives of 2011

The top titles coming to Sony's box next year

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The Last Guardian
Another Sony graphical showcase, The Last Guardian has also been tipped for Move and 3D compatibility upon release to add to the platform holder's library of tech-heavy titles.

Team ICO lead designer Fumito Ueda said back in September that the studio would consider the fancy-dancy tech if it felt it would help the game reach a wider audience.

While we're sure there would be plenty of nice little in-game applications for Move, it's the potential for 3D in The Last Guardian that's gotten us really excited, mainly because the game looks absolutely stunning.

3D or no 3D, from what we've seen of The Last Guardian - the adventure of a small boy and his massive puppy, kitten, griffin cross companion - we can tell it's going to be a heart warming/wrenching experience with truly memorable set-pieces.

With Ico and Shadow of the Colossus already under its belt, you know Team ICO is more than capable of delivering all of the above.


Infamous 2
Infamous is a much anticipated sequel for 2011 as Cole returns harnessing the power of the national grid and shocking anything that looks at him a little queer.

With the whole Tony Hawk style redesign debacle behind us, we can start to anticipate and look forward to the new adventure rather than worry about what's going on with our hero's wardrobe.

Next year Cole takes on The Beast. In a new location a fully powered Cole will take Militia enemies on as part of his preparation for a final showdown with the big, burrowing nuisance.

Just one of the perks for 2011 is a new telekinetic power enabling players to pick up objects as big as cars before hurling them at any unsuspecting foe. Put us down for that then please.


Resistance 3
As the PlayStation 3's first FPS, the Resistance series holds a special place in a lot of games enthusiasts hearts. Back in the day, it was the first example of what next-gen engines could do, if only a solid shooter at best.

Although the AI was somewhat patchy in the original Resistance, and the experience was somewhat repetitive, the sci-fi shenanigans of an invaded Earth courtesy of a Chimera alien attack did offer up some cool weapons and interesting quirks, which won over a lot of people.

With Resistance 2 building on the original with some spectacular set-pieces, massive multiplayer and eight player co-op mode, we're now looking for Insomniac to deliver something definitive in the series that will stick Resistance right up there with the best of them.

With the inclusion of upgradable weapons that gain new abilities as you use them, it sounds as though Resistance will maintain much of the straight-up fun it's had to date, although we're looking for a new approach to single-player life to make it more varied. If Insomniac can do that this will be a major player in 2011.


Motorstorm Apocalypse
Motorstorm is another Sony franchise that helped launch the PlayStation 3 to great acclaim with it's extreme version of off-road racing.

Upping the ante, developer Evolution Studios has chosen to move away from mud and snow and, in fact, away from off-road racing altogether. How will the third in the series, Motorstorm Apocalypse, maintain that intense off-road experience if it's actually based on roads this time? Well, it turns out those roads aren't all that stable.

In true over the top style, Motorstorm Apocalypse takes racers through the streets of a high-rise city on the west coast of America as it collapses around them thanks to a massive ongoing earthquake.

Drivers will race down roads as the tarmac cracks beneath their wheels, through buildings if they fall in front of them and even down the side of sky-scrapers as they crumble to the ground (ridiculous, yes).

From our apocalyptic experiences so far we can tell you that it looks great and packs more adrenaline than any other in the series so far. The inclusion of stereoscopic 3D should enhance all of that too.

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