3DS carts hold a massive 8GB of data

Almost matches the dual-layer DVD storage of Xbox 360

The solid-state storage carts for the Nintendo 3DS are able to hold almost as much data as the dual-layer DVD discs used by Xbox 360.

That's according to a rumour from Taiwanese site Gamrade, who reports that Nintendo's Taiwan-based solid-state memory manufacturer, Macronix, is pumping out the slim cartridges capable of holding 8GB of data - more than used by most Xbox 360 games and almost as much as the 8.5-8.7GB of storage provided by dual-layer DVD discs.


The previously reported 2GB limit for 3DS games is, therefore, a limit enforced by Nintendo bosses, according to the report. It also says 1GB is the lowest limit, although we're skeptical that Nintendo would enforce a minimum storage limit on games.

2GB is four times the storage of the current DS' 512MB carts, and equal to the storage capacity of the PSP's UMD discs, so there's ample space.

It has been suggested that developing a 3DS game might cost between $600,000 and $1.8 million - up to three times that of a current DS game - although the price obviously varies based on content.

[ SOURCE: Via Kotaku ]