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Black Ops First Strike DLC revealed

Call of Duty map pack coming to Xbox 360 first

The first Call of Duty: Black Ops download content has been unveiled - and will be a timed exclusive for Xbox 360.

The DLC, called 'First Strike', takes the shape of a new multiplayer map pack containing four new regular maps (Discovery, Stadium, Kowloon, and Berlin Wall) and one new zombie arena (Ascension).


Two of the normal maps plonk players in Hong Kong and the Arctic Circle, which are visited during the single-player campaign, while the other two are based in the all-new locations of the Berlin Wall and an ice hockey stadium.

The new DLC will be arriving on Xbox 360 first on February 1 next year at a cost of $15, which according to our calculations is 1200 Microsoft Points.

The DLC is expected to come to other platforms at a later date.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has just been crowned Christmas number one. Now stop buying it.