Mario Galaxy 2 is Edge's Game of the Year

The little plumber gets another 2010 vote

Call of Duty: Black Ops may have taken the Christmas crown but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is this year's best game, according to Edge.

The respected games mag has named the plumber's second cosmic adventure best game (mainstream) in its January issue, saying that the sequel transcends the achievements of its predecessor.


"Super Mario Galaxy 2 nips and tucks its predecessor's triumphs into tuned and taut snippets of interactive euphoria," it says.

"Galaxy 2 is product of a surfeit of imagination and a will to test and delight that sits at the very peak of videogame artistry."

Edge placed Rock Band 3 and Bayonetta as runners-up in its best mainstream game category.

It's the second mag to praise the Mario sequel, after GamesMaster also crowned it Game of the Year

Pick up the January issue of Edge, which is in the shops tomorrow (December 21), to get the full run-down of awards for everything from best audio to best developer.

We placed Super Mario Galaxy 2 in second place when it came to our own list of the best of 2010. Red Dead Redemption pipped it to the post in our eyes.

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