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Red Dead Redemption is OPM's PS3 Game of the Year

Rockstar's spaghetti-western reaps more rewards

Red Dead Redemption has been labelled Game of the Year once again, this time by the team over at Official PlayStation Magazine.

The mag lists Rockstar's spaghetti-western as its number one game of 2010, praising it for "bringing the old west to vivid life just as the railroad arrives to crush it."


"From the startlingly pretty Jose Gonzalez scored arrivial in Mexico to the vibrant ecosystem (for you to kill and sell), there's barely a bum note struck," the mag continues.

"The greatest triumph, though, is the mission design - which is smart and satisfying throughout."

We too were pretty taken by Red Dead, giving it the top spot in our own round-up of 2010.

We put Super Mario Galaxy 2 in second place, which received Edge's Game of the Year accolade in its latest issue too.

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