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What's your Game of the Year?

Debate: Red Dead? Mass Effect? Mario Galaxy?

Alright, us games journos have been running our mouths off for long enough. We've slapped our cards on the table and waxed lyrical about the titles we think have owned 2010, now it's your turn.

OPM crowned Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year in its latest issue thanks to its vivid recreation of the spaghetti-western and the emotional attachment it demands from players.


The team over at Edge, however, felt that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was more deserving of the top spot after it was somehow able to improve on the already near-perfect original Super Mario Galaxy.

We thought there was little to choose between the two, putting Red Dead and Mario Galaxy 2 first and second respectively in our own Best of 2010 list.

But what's been your game of 2010? Maybe you were blow away by Mass Effect, maybe Black Ops beat others to the punch or maybe you felt FIFA 11 was in with a sporting chance of snatching the crown.

Maybe you want to throw a complete curve ball into the mix with a game that no-one else has even considered. Deadly Preminition

Tell us what and, more importantly, why in the comments and let the conversation commence.