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The road to Bioshock

Part 1: Ken Levine talks about the beginning of the journey...

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And I thought y'know 'I love this place but I bet we could do it our way... maintain the best of Looking Glass but also make a business that was more oriented towards success.'"

Warren Spector had left Looking Glass during Thief's development to make Deus Ex at Ion Storm and the thirty-year-old Levine left in '97 to found Irrational Games alongside Jonathan Chey and Robert Fermier.

Between them, Levine and Spector would define a new type of action game - one built around choices and role-playing elements which would practically become the template for dozens of modern shooters.

"I don't wanna say for certain but I think we were the first to really combine the real RPG systems and the shooting," says Levine, being sure to add: "I'm sure the internet will tell me if I'm wrong."

Check out part two of our chat feature on Ken Levine and the road to Bioshock tomorrow.

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