The road to Bioshock

Part 2: Things get better...

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"That said," Levine continues, "we've been thinking about this a lot for Infinite - about those harder edges - and I'm thinking about whether I can service different audiences. I look at games like World of Warcraft which services people who do daily quests and arena battles and raids, and then it services these people who are just goofing around. I really admire that.

We're not talking yet about what our plans are for Infinite but that's what I've been thinking about, because core gamers are a key and critical part of our audience.

"It's harder and harder to make the kinds of games we make because those kinds of games are getting very expensive. I think we're fortunate that people trust us with the research that's necessary to make that kind of game.

If we hadn't had a success with Bioshock, in the current economic climate, it would be very difficult to get someone to give us those kinds of resources.

"In the future people aren't gonna be given the same kinds of opportunities I had because they're only gonna trust people who have been successful. You'll see a narrowing of innovation.

It's a challenge, but then that innovation will get moved to things like the iPhone and XBLA and whatever else is coming along. And those people will succeed in a different space. A

nd one of them might say 'I wanna make this big, sixty million dollar crazy game', and that they've had success in smaller spaces might mean
they're trusted to do that. It's a path, but it's not the same path I had."

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