XBW 100 out now!

Amazing 3D issue hits shops...

XBW is 100 issues young today. To celebrate we've pieced together the greatest magazine in history. And to make it even better, we've made it in glorious 3D-o-vision too.

What makes it so great? Everything (duh!) but here's a few of our favourites:

BAM! We've got the 100 greatest games in Xbox history.

BANGO! We've tracked down the biggest names in the industry and they've told us their deepest gaming secrets just for you. Who? People such as Cliff Bleszinski, Ken Levine, Marty O'Donnell, Warren Spector, Ian Livingstone and many more.

BLAMMO! We blow the lid off the 20 hottest games of 2011.

BOSH! The team reveals some of the greatest moments in Xbox gaming.

Add Super Halo, GoldenEye, the most jam-packed DVD we've EVER made (with four Left 4 Dead comics on the B-side) and eye-popping 3D effects - along with the glasses, of course - to the pot and you've got yourself the best issue of Xbox World 360 since time began. Join the party.