Batman Arkham City: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 32 screenshots from the VGA trailer...

The fact that Rocksteady's latest Batman: Arkham City trailer, aired at the VGA's, was all CGI and no gameplay didn't really detract from the fact that it was one of the best game teasers we've seen - and a stone cold nerdgasm inducer.

Even though we didn't get a peek at anything in-game, we're still pretty sure we can extract some strains of worth out of this doozey as far as gaming analysis is concerned.


Our first thought is to do with the messed up torture/interrogation scene at the beginning between a Tyger soldier and a bald doctor who later turns out to be Hugo Strange.

Firstly, is it us or does the poor guy look a bit like Christian Bale - and even sound like him at one point? Of course it's not meant to be him... or is it?

We jest, but the relationship between the Tyger man and Strange is a bit perplexing. The trailer goes on to suggest that Strange hired Tyger (a private security company by the looks of the emblems on their arms) to take out Batman. Why that's ended up with one of them being interrogated and injected with some substance that induces vomit and maybe death we don't know.


The other thing that strikes us about the interrogation scene is that it's much darker and far less cartoony than anything we saw in Arkham Asylum, which, although pretty grimy, had that comic-book feel running throughout. Sorry about the picture of a man puking all over the camera but it illustrates the point.


Onto the action, and we find this snap particularly interesting. It shows the Tyger forces dispersing over a rooftop with all kinds of platforms and objects to jump from and hide behind. That's right, we think this looks like an arena built for some Silent Predator action.


Batman comes gliding in from one of his trusty gargoyles, giving us a really nice close up of his grappling hook gun. He uses this to snare one of the soldier's weapons mid-flight before taking out another with his trusty hands and feet.


Once he's done with the unarmed assailant, he uses the line attached to the other chap to disarm and dispose of him as well. This is probably a reference to the fact that players will be able to pull of combos involving weapons in Arkham City - and if they're anywhere near as cool as that in-game we're all for it.


We'll be honest, Bats is kicking arse so quickly in the rest of the trailer that it was hard to get a grab that wasn't just a blur of pain. There are times, however, when The Dark Knight is using surrounding walls and vents to batter his enemies. Whether this will translate to more context sensitive violence in-game we're can't be sure.


Finally, we get this iconic image of Batman watching from above in the pouring rain (we can't wait to see how weather looks in-game) and the revelation that Hugo Strange knows that it's Bruce Wayne behind the mask. It's looking like this one could have quite a story at its heart. Also, we don't mean to get fixated on voices or anything, but Hugo Strange... Christopher Lee, anyone?

Have a look at the rest of the screenshots we pulled and let us know if your beady eyes spot anything else of interest.

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