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Undead Nightmare: 'The most pointless game ever!'

Mailbox: Shout your mouth off...

In our last Mailbox Ben Meikle made the case for campers.

This week Daniel Bolton describes his Undead Nightmare in issue 100 of Xbox World 360.

What in the name of browned underpants was that about? If I'd known the Undead Nightmare pack for Red Dead Redemption at 800 points (thanks Rockstar - especially after my 360 packed in the day the new version came on sale) was gonna be a never-ending Benny Hill chase (albeit with a cowboy and zombies instead of a cheeky old man and scantily-clad ladies) then I wouldn't have bothered.

Alas, there I was supposedly trying to find survivors in this town with a congregation of zombies constantly on my arse and only a handful of bullets. The most pointless piece of game programming ever!


Xbox World 360 says: Fair to say, you didn't go much on Rockstar's Old West zomageddon, then.

Funnily enough, it rather split opinion here too. One half of the office loved it, but it was the same half of the office that loved original flavour Red Dead.

The rest didn't like it for exactly the same reasons - the controls, the endless horse-riding - that they didn't like the main game. Anyone else care to throw an opinion in here?

CVG says: Well Daniel, you're right about the frantic chasing, the desperate bullet stocks and the constantly-one-step-away-from-death survival tactics but to say that made for a pointless experience is lunacy in our eyes.

We can't think of a DLC pack that made as much difference to a game as Undead Nightmare did to Red Dead Redemption. The whole dynamic of the experience was turned on its head.

Yes there's still a hell of a lot of roaming and riding - and if you didn't like it the first time you wouldn't the second - but with loutish zombies everywhere you never knew when you were going to be pulled from your horse and into another edge of your seat battle.

And that's just the single-player, need we mention jumping into Red Dead's own online Zombie Mode with friends?

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