Black Ops multiplayer: 'Crap weapons, crap maps and cheaters'

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In our last Mailbox Daniel Bolton gave his somewhat scathing opinion on Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare.

This week David Lucas assesses Black Ops' multiplayer in issue 100 of Xbox World 360, and it doesn't fare much better we're afraid.

If you stopped playing Modern Warfare 2 because you were sick of the cheats, glitchers and the lack of balance then don't buy Black Ops. It. Is. Awful.


I have already lost count of the number of times I have shot a full clip into an opponent from close range only for them to turn round and kill me because they are using a rapid fire control pad or a lag switch.

I don't claim to be the best shot in the world but I've been playing online long enough to know when I've shot someone or not. Treyarch said they would do something about the cheats that blighted the last game and they have failed miserably.

Being able to report a cheat after the game is not good enough; I want to be able to report someone during the game and then leave so I can stop these people levelling up off my back.

The weapons on Black Ops feel antiquated compared to Modern Warfare 2 and the spawn points are awful, plus the maps are generic and dull.

I can't understand why anyone is getting carried away about Black Ops. If Modern Warfare 2's problems were fixed next week people would see Black Ops for what it is: a poor imitation of a flawed but better game. My score for Black Ops multiplayer: 4/10. Cheating is still rife , crap weapons, crap maps.

Xbox World 360 says: A super-strong rebuke to the (mostly) positive reaction Black Ops has garnered.

We like it - but not unconditionally. It's slick and glitzy, but full of 'me too' design... although not everyone feels the same.

CVG says: As you'll see from our review we felt Black Ops was deserving of much praise.

Our applause was mainly directed towards the improvements made in the single-player compared to previous CoD iterations, however. As David points out, Black Ops multiplayer doesn't really move beyond what we've seen before.

While we think David's summary is perhaps a bit harsh, he's right to say that if you weren't a fan of Modern Warfare's multiplayer, there's not much that's going to turn you on to Black Ops.

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