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Halo 'desperately needs a kick-start'

Mailbox: Step up and shout your head off...

In our last Mailbox David Lucas assessed Black Ops' multiplayer with some disdain.

This week Jeremy Hutton looks forward to 343 kick-starting Halo in issue 100 of Xbox World 360, and it doesn't fare much better we're afraid.

Halo Reach is a fun if flawed game. Firefight is improved but I can't say the same for the rest.


In fact, it seems like Bungie are losing their mojo. In Reach the gameplay seems slower, with the exception of armour abilities you run slow and jump low.

But now the Halo job has been handed to 343 Studios, and I think they will have a refreshing effect upon the series.

I know there are many who have doubts - I was one of them - but I have a good feeling that 343 will give Halo the kickstart it desperately needs.

Xbox World 360 says:To borrow a phrase, it's a real game of two halves. Fortunately, the multiplayer half is superb, papering over the cracks of a well-below-par campaign.

CVG says: According to reports it sounds like a remake of Halo 1 could be the first task on 343's to do list, an idea which split the CVG community down the middle.

As for Halo Reach, we thought the multiplayer modes were spectacular. The single-player campaign was the most beautiful of the whole series but it was a bit familiar.

Still, with Reach being Bungie's farewell to the epic Halo series, it makes sense to tweak the formula that works rather than go for a grandiose finale that could back-fire.

Maybe that meant that Reach didn't quite live up to the expectations of some as a milestone in the series, but we thought it did enough. We look forward to seeing 343's take.

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