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Infinity Ward founders 'refused to work with Treyarch' - Activision

Publisher's lawsuit makes fresh accusations

The full list of accusations included in Activision's revised lawsuit against EA and fired Infinity Ward heads has emerged - and it's both shocking and entertaining.

The Call of Duty publisher - which has brought EA into its $400m lawsuit - makes fresh claims against ex-Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were famously 'stormed' out of Infinity Ward's offices by Activision security.


Activision's amended suit alleges that "emboldened by their secret alliance with Electronic Arts, [West and Zampella] refused to adhere to even the minimal standards of behavior required of any employee or executive."

Specifically, the ex-bosses are accused of being uncooperative regarding the Call of Duty franchise, allegedly refusing to work with Treyarch on a "unified brand".

Activision's lawsuit further touches on the tension between the pair and developer Treyarch, which created Call Of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, stating:

"On the same day that Treyarch released a video trailer promoting a follow-on product - a map pack or downloadable content - designed for players of Treyarch's game Call of Duty: World at War, West and Zampella released a marketing video for Modern Warfare 2 with the purpose of hurting Treyarch's and Activision's marketing efforts.

"Far from being remorseful, West attempted to justify his actions on the grounds that Treyarch had insufficiently coordinated with Infinity Ward by stating: 'We released on the same day as you because we had no clue you were releasing anything. We are not happy about it.' The real truth, however, was revealed by a series of text messages between."

The claims continue: "The employee texted West that 'treyarch released their mp dlc video.' West responded: 'Super nice? We release our video? Crush and destroy with our video.' The employee answered: 'We already did. And . . . we already did.' West's following comment: 'Nice.' Thus, West's own words reveal his intentional strategy to "crush and destroy" his fellow developers at Treyarch."

In far more serious allegations, Activision accuses West and Zampella of "adamantly refusing" to provide the names of employees set to receive bonuses, so that they'd be more likely to follow the pair when they left Activision for EA.

"In order to make it unlikely that these employees of Activision's Infinity Ward studio would remain with Activision, West and Zampella attempted to block those employees from receiving significant equity grants and/or other compensation, suggesting instead that Activision provide the additional compensation to West and Zampella alone, not to the many valued employees to whom Activision was offering this extra compensation."

Jason West and Vince Zampella have since formed new developer Respawn Entertainment under EA, snatching handfuls of Infinity Ward employees in the process.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]