Braid creator: Sony takes more risks than MS with indie game choices

Jonathan Blow says PSN is less "conservative"

The creator of XBLA smash Braid has claimed that most Xbox Live Indie Games are "not very good" - and that Sony is less "conservative" than Microsoft when it comes to picking titles for PSN.

Jonathan Blow's Braid was released on XBLA back in August 2009 to great commercial and critical success. It finally came to PS3 in December last year.


Speaking to Edge Magazine, Blow claimed that although it is easier for indie developers to get their games on Xbox Live, Sony seems to approve riskier, more "artful" titles.

"Microsoft has provided the lower barrier to entry with Xbox Live Indie Games, but most of them are not very good - I don't think that's a controversial statement," said Blow.

"So if you're thinking about the impact of indie games on the whole forum of games then probably Sony has done more because of the way they curate the games they put on there - they're actually looking for games that are artful or experimental.

"I mean, they published Linger In Shadows; Microsoft would never have done that - that's not even really a game. XBLA is more conservative than PSN but it still has a larger audience so it's much more commercially feasible, as long as you can get your game noticed - which is getting harder over time, but is still possible."

Blow added: "Some of the stuff Microsoft signs and publishes on XBLA is pretty bad; some of it is very good. Super Meat Boy is obviously a really good game. I wish they had promoted that more heavily, but Live Arcade is part of a bureaucratic machine, which is part of a bigger bureaucratic machine and so on - what more can they do?"

Although Blow said that Braid was released during a "big time of optimism" for indie devs with games on XBLA - a year which also saw the release of Trials HD and Shadow Complex - he now believes "the majority of games released on XBLA recently, most of them tank, they lose money".

Blow's new title, The Witness, is due for release on PS3 and 360 next year. However, Blow revealed that he had not signed any business deals for the game because he doesn't "know what the business climate is going to be like [post-release]".

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