Black Ops PS3 patch released - Is it fixed?

Improved online reliability and matchmaking in 1.05, Treyarch promises

Treyarch's released the 1.05 patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3, hopefully sorting some of the infamous online issues plaguing the Sony version.

PS3 Black Ops players have been experiencing frequent connection issues despite a recent 'major' update. Hopefully this patch will finally sort out the issues with the PS3 version.

Treyarch said on its official forums: "Treyarch is dedicated to ensuring the best gaming experience for the fans, and we've been actively working with you to continue to improve the game based on your feedback. As always, keep the feedback coming through the community forums."

Here's the full change list:

12/22 (full patch 1.05)

  • Improved party reliability when leaving with party - an additional step in an ongoing series of party improvements continued in the next patch
  • Improved UPnP functionality - further expands the game's capability to open NATs on routers with universal plug and play enabled
  • Enabled mute functionality in Playercards in the pre-game lobby
  • Enabled kick functionality in party and private match lobbies
  • Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would not always display properly when multiple players leave the lobby after a team split
  • Addressed an issue where the pre-game lobby would appear stuck on the countdown timer while waiting to balance teams

Up until now PS3 players have been up in arms over continued disconnection issues, extended periods of time to find a match, crashing and other faults.