Kinect hack does virtual reality

MS motion tech combined with PC, VR headset and bizarre Japanese first-person game

This must be the ultimate splicing of technology. Some bloke has combined the Kinect with a PC and a virtual reality headset to create a virtual reality experience that hints at what games may be like in the future.


The Kinect does full-body movement detection which, with the help of unofficial drivers, can be utilized on a PC. Next, you've got the $400 Vuzix iWear VR920 headset - 3D-capable video eyewear that's also fitted with head-tracking motion sensors.

Mix all this with a basic PC game that puts you in control of a virtual avatar in an open world, converting your body movements via Kinect while the glasses give you a 3D, first-person view of your virtual surroundings and you get this - a rough glimpse at the kind of games we dream of playing one day. Albeit a little on the rough side.

In the past few weeks the Kinect hacks and concepts have been more interesting than the games available for it; one guy devised futuristic 3D video chat using two Kinects, while a shady game firm has already teased a Kinect sex game.

What will be next in the ongoing Kinect hack race?

[ SOURCE: Via Joystiq ]