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AC Brotherhood: Night Rome map coming after 25m kills

Collective multiplayer kills to be rewarded with new level variant

Ubisoft has revealed that it will reward Assassin's Creed Brother players with a new nighttime variant of the Rome multiplayer map when players' collecting kill count reaches 25 million.

Called Rome by Night, the variant will of course leave the usually sun-drenched setting shrouded in darkness. Now, normally changing levels of sunlight might not make a huge difference. But in a stealth multiplayer game it could have drastic consequences. Especially for those of you still playing on prehistoric SD TVs.


It's not stipulated whether the kill count for the new 'Community Unlock Event' is cross-platform or platform specific, but who needs cares for such complications; just get online and murder some brothers.

You can see how far you've all got on the Assassin's Network.

Ubisoft has recently promised a patch update for the game which with, among other things, fix a certain "Animus bug" and restore full trophy support for PS3 players.

[ SOURCE: Via Joystiq ]