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Yakuza 4 trailer: Tanimura is violent cop

Fourth playable character in this awesome PS3-exclusive

Mass Effect 3, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3. These are the games often named-dropped in talks of next year's dominant games, but we reckon Yakuza 4's going to be the sleeper hit. Or at least an underground favourite.

It looks like awesome fun, full of character and immense depth, and this new trailer profiles another character - Masayoshi Tanimura, the fourth playable character in the game.

Tanimura's point of difference is his police badge, but his father was assassinated and he seems pretty pissed off about it - you'll see in the trailer below as he batters fools.

You should check out more profiling trailers for the other characters (Saejima and Kazuma) here and (Akiyama) here.

[ SOURCE: Via Siliconera ]