Buggy game purchasers 'entitled to refund'

Black Ops PS3 owners can get their money back, says Trading Standards

Owners of buggy or glitchy video games are entitled to a full refund, Trading Standards has said on record.

Rules state that all goods should be of "satisfactory quality" it's said, which means (at launch at least) you should be entitled to your Black Ops PS3 and Fallout: New Vegas money back.


Speaking in a recent interview, Joint Lead Officer Sylvia Rook from the Trading Standards Institute said: "When consumers buy goods their rights are always against the retailer, so if there is a problem with a game, the consumer should return it to the retailer.

"The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) states that goods should be of satisfactory quality, fit for their purpose and as described. If the game is faulty, then the consumer should be entitled to a refund from the retailer (although it is not unreasonable for the retailer to return it to the manufacturer in order to ensure it is, indeed, faulty and it is not operator error, or a problem with the consumer's computer)."

Rook added that gamers wanting a refund should stop using the game immediately, otherwise they may only be entitled to claim for damages.

"If consumers wish to exert their statutory rights, they should stop using the game immediately as if they continue to use it they might lose the right to reject it and might then be entitled only to damages," Rook said.

"If the consumer wishes, they can also request a repair or replacement, but they don't have to accept this if they do not want to."

Treyarch put out another Black Ops PS3 patch earlier this week which hopefully sorted issues.

[ SOURCE: Incgamers ]