Xbox Live, Kotick and GAME: 2010 in review - February

MS shuts down original online service as Activision CEO tells some home truths...

Ah, February. A month for Cupid to do his thing and for the mellifluous whiff of pancakes to fill the noses of all in Christendom.

It's supposed to be a time for contemplation, to slow down, you know? Not in 2010. In 2010, gaming didn't stop.

First of all, Microsoft announced that it was to pull the plug on Xbox Live. No, not THAT Xbox Live - we're talking the original gangster; the first mac daddy. Those still connected via their pre-360 'boxes were told they'd have to move on up to next-gen in just two months' time, as Microsoft readied the end for Xbox One's online playhouse.


Meanwhile, controversial Activision CEO Bobby Kotick talked at length about coming across "like a dick" - something many gamers would continue to accuse him of throughout the year, as he continued to chase revenue like... erm... a successful CEO.

Elsewhere, fortunes differed for UK retailer GAME - which announced that it was to close 43 stores - and The Sims, which celebrated its 10th birthday in style.

Meanwhile, CVG was told that The Pokemon Company already had the 'DS2' in its hands, something we now know to be the incredible 3DS. No wonder our shady source informed us it was the "best thing" he'd "ever worked with".


February's biggest releases included 2K Marin's Bioshock 2 on PS3, 360 and PC, Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain on PS3 and Creative Assembly's Napoleon: Total War on PC.