iPhone 4 leaks, Arnie guns for games: 2010 in review - April

Plus Bungie signs deal with Activision and ex-Infinity Ward staff joins EA

As we spent the opening hours of the month trying to separate the real stories from the "comedy" ones, some of the industry's biggest names were planning deals that would stun us all.

The next major chapter in the Infinity Ward/Activision fiasco saw lawsuits filed against Activision for breach of contract, among other things, including failing to pay due bonuses. Meanwhile, the fired Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella announced the formation of a new development studio, Respawn Entertainment in partnership with, deep breath... EA.


And that wasn't the only major deal to be signed that month. After having split with Microsoft in 2007, Bungie announced that it had signed a ten-year exclusive multiplatform deal with Activision, with whom it would bring its 'next big action game' IP to market.

It was an eventful month for Apple, too. While iPad enjoyed great success in US, UK punters were forced to wait a little longer when Apple delayed its UK launch. That didn't stop us from getting one, though.

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Then, in one of the year's biggest scandals, photos of the unannounced iPhone 4 flooded the internet after an Apple employee apparently "lost" one in a San Jose bar. Apple was unsurprisingly miffed, raiding the home of the Gizmodo editor in possession of the phone, who reportedly pondered a counter-attack by suing the police.


Later in the month CVG reported that Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel, now known as Batman: Arkham City, would skip 2010 and instead release in 2011.

Meanwhile California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger set his sights on the games industry, backing a law that would place heavy restrictions on the sale of violent video games.

Thinning your wallet this month were Football Manager 2010 on handhelds, Splinter Cell Conviction on Xbox, PS3 and PC, Super Street Fighter IV on Xbox and PS3 and 2010 FIFA World Cup on... everything.