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CVG: Comments of the year

That's right, of the year...

Some of you may have noticed the lack of a Comments of the week last week. Well done, good eye work.

The reason for that is two-fold: Firstly, it was Christmas, come on give us a break, slave-drivers.

Secondly, we were cooking up this monstrosity - look out, it's the CVG: Comments of the year!

That's right we've been through every Comments of the week this year and picked our top smirk-makers from each. Took ages it did.

Will some of the comments have lost sense without the context of the time? You bet your behind they will! But have a cheeky click on the article links and not only will you get a bit 'o' background, but you'll also get a nice hit of nostalgia fresh from gaming's past.

If your particular favourite isn't in here then take one for the team, get searching and get posting.

Oh and it's a bit of a long 'un, so make sure your family knows you're going to be away for a while.

Don't forget to have a sip of something at midnight either. Happy New Year to you all. See you on the other side.

Doctor Who video game in the offing 19/01/2010

"This is promising news for that Cash In The Attic title i've been hoping for..."

Triffic keeps his fingers crossed for what will surely be the action game of the year

Heavy Rain gameplay - first nine minutes 29/01/2010

"I am slightly disappointed that he didn't waggle his todger after having a no.1. Surely it would have only required a brief wobble of the pad? He also forgot to wash his hands, the dirty bugger."

Mark240473 faults the hygiene habits of Heavy Rain character Ethan Mars.

Dante's Inferno review 05/02/2010

"Call me uncivil, but for me, seeing female genitalia never gets old."

sweatyBallacks makes a stand for feminism during the Dante's Inferno 'sexism' debate.

Greg Hastings Paintball 2 coming soon 12/02/2010

"Why waste time with a paintball game? Proper paintball is a lot more fun, and you get to appreciate the pain of getting shot in the back of the head and in the balls."

1589vaughan appreciates getting shot in the balls.

David Cage already has 'ideas for next game' 19/02/2010

This time its the male characters turn to go to the toilet, contextual choices include " shake wand at end" "leave it out for a laugh" or "tuck wand between legs for a woman impression"

If only Heavy Rain boss David Cage was as creative as Martinawatson...

Sony: No PS4 any time soon 27/02/2010

'I just saw the recent GOWIII footage and I think I did a little poo. Proof indeed that we are in no rush for the PS4.'

Proof also, Mark240473 that you might need to see a medical professional.

Activision 'disappointed' by Modern Warfare lawsuit 06/03/2010

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