Rockstar: We have more ideas for Red Dead

Studio discusses pride over game's word-of-mouth popularity

Rockstar remains coy over any suggestion of a Red Dead Redemption sequel - but has revealed that it has "a massive number of ideas" for the Western free-roamer that it's yet to use.

Fans are itching for news of a follow-up to the 18-rated epic, which was one of 2010's most successful titles and won a string of Game Of The Year gongs.


Speaking to the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, Rockstar's VP of product development Jeronimo Barrea said that the studio were particularly delighted that the game grew so strongly via word-of-mouth recommendations.

[We're most pleased] either that huge numbers of people loved the game enough to play through to the end, and then encouraged friends to play it - we hope without spoiling the end for them - or at a more basic level... that we could convince that many people that they wanted to play a game about the wild west," said Barrera.

When pressed on whether there was enough material left on the cutting room floor to make a sequel, Barrera teased: "For all the games we work on, we have a massive number of ideas that [don't] make it in."

Rockstar's on-disc collection of RDR's DLC, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, climbed five places to No.12 in the official UK All Format Christmas chart.