3DS video: Augmented reality and Miis

Japanese journos point cameras at Nintendo's new handheld

Nintendo wouldn't let us westerners take a video camera anywhere near the 3DS at E3. They set lions on us. But Japanese journalists - they can do what the hell they want.

So here's a video of the console's augmented reality feature, which has you point the camera at card on the table, which it recognises and uses as a point of reference on which to draw 3D objects that appear as though they're in the real world. It's a neat trick.

Next up, the lovely lady, who's not murdering them for trying to film the screen, demonstrates the 3D picture-taking abilities of the console, and how it can turn profile pictures into Mii's using facial recognition magic and witchcraft.

We'll be seeing lots more of 3DS later this month when Nintendo hosts special press events in Europe and US.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]