Production 3DS stolen, pictured for the internet

Daring Chinese factory worker gets his camera out

It seems someone's snuck off with a Nintendo 3DS fresh off its Chinese production line so it could take pictures for the eternally hungry internet.

It looks like a non-functional unit - the rear of the case is missing and, switched on, it just shows a black screen with text referencing the memory state, or something. But it's almost certainly a real, final 3DS and this is the first you'll have seen one.


We don't notice any immediately significant differences over the version we played at E3, except the white analogue nub, which was the same colour as the body on the prototypes. The glass covering the upper screen may be a bit nicer too, but that could just be because the E3 ones had been fingerprinted and sneezed on by a few dozen journos before we got to the front of the line.

And one of the shots also gives you a nice side-by-side comparison of the 3DS next to the full line of DS consoles.

Because this chap has them all. We thought these factory guys were strapped for cash...?

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]