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Glasses-free 3DS tech hits laptops

Toshiba shows off specs-less 3D computers, punts for 2011 release

Toshiba has shown off a new laptop capable of stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of glasses - like the 3DS.

What's more, it could be ready to unleash the technology to the public as soon as the end of 2011, according to the firm's director of product marketing Phil Osako.


It uses similar two-parallax tech to Nintendo's 3D-enabled handheld to produce full 3D entirely without the need for glasses. The more technically minded of you will know that one flaw with this tech is the necessity to be with certain 'sweet-zones' to see the 3D. Shift your head outside of this view and the 3D goes awry.

But Toshiba's laptop goes one step further than Nintendo's handheld by using a front-facing camera and clever head-tracking technology to sense when you move and adjust its 3D screen accordingly, shifting that sweet-zone with the user's view and eliminating the need to sit dead still while using it. Genius.

Engadget, who's had a play with it already, says there are a few chinks that need ironing out before its ready for shops, but this is exciting stuff.

The first pictures of what's claimed to be the first production 3DS were leaked onto the net today.

We're putting coins in the piggy bank from now.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]