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iPad gets real analogue stick

For those who don't like touching touch-screens

We'll admit it, sometimes our thumbs just aren't as smooth as we'd like.

And, as good as the iPad touch-screen is, it doesn't come anywhere near to replicating the tactile sensitivity of a real analogue stick.

For that reason, a company called Fling has released what's best described as 'a clever little dohickey'.

It's essentially a PSP-style analogue stick that sticks onto the iPad over the d-pad or stick replicating controls of certain games to give the Apple core more nuanced control.

Seems to work a treat as well, have a look:

It's all part of portable platforms like the iPhone and iPad grabbing a bigger stake in gaming. The iPad topped US kids' wish-lists over consoles back in November.

Now, where can we buy one of these?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]