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Fight Night Champion trailer shows actual story

With characters and narratives and everything

EA Sports has released a new Fight Night Champion trailer showing off the game's Champion Mode, and it looks like nothing we've ever seen in a sports series before.

That's because it looks like Fight Night Champion is going to go all Rocky on our collective arses with an actual story.

The trailer below looks like one you'd expect for a film in terms of structure and content, based around an actual narrative as players take control of a boxer called Andre Bishop in his rise as a fighter.

Have a look, you'll see what we mean:

This video is no longer available

We were treated to a couple of videos giving us a glimpse at Andre Bishop back in November. That was the first hint that we would embark on a career with a specific, fictional fighter rather than a created or real-world star.

Changing things up to this extent though is surely a controversial move. People have cried out for something that gives Career Mode a bit more variety, what do you think of this as a solution?

For those of you still partial to creating a seven foot version of yourself and beating your way up the rankings, the more traditional Legacy Mode will also return.