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Valve's crazy experiments continue

Half Life studio wants to control games with eyes alone

Microsoft's Kinect does away with the traditional controller but Half Life and Portal developer Valve thinks we can go one better... by controlling games with just our eyes.

That's right, if we're going to get rid of pads, why not get rid of our arms as well? In fact, Valve envisages a future where we no longer use keyboards, mice, game pads or limbs since movement and commands will be executed with blinks, winks, eyelash flutters and anything else you can do with your peepers.


Mike Ambinder, Valve's own internal 'game experimental psychologist' embellished on the ideas:

"It may be possible in the future to let the eyes act as a proxy for the mouse cursor, letting gamers transmit navigation and targeting inputs via eye movements," he told Gamasutra.

"If you couple this approach with the use of blinks or other proxies for button presses, you may remove the need for a mouse and keyboard, or gamepad, all together."

Our only qualm is, what happens when you actually need to blink but don't want to blow the limbs of your online comrades off with a grenade? Dry eyes, that's what happens.

Perhaps worryingly, this isn't the only way Valve has revealed itself to be playing with gamers' bodies. In September last year studio boss Gabe Newell pulled back the curtain on experiments that combine gaze-tracking with pulse rate and sweat monitoring in games.

Sounds like one day your gaming room will look less like a home cinema and more like a hospital.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]