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Capcom blames Sony for lack of SSF4 costume catalogue

Sony unwilling to foot the bill

Capcom's Community Manager Seth Killian has revealed why PlayStation 3 owners of Super Street Fighter 4 haven't been given the 'costume catalogue' option offered to Xbox 360 players.


The feature allows players to download information required to view new costumes when going up against other players online, without having to pay for and own them.

According to Killian, since the feature requires players to download additional data through Sony's and Microsoft's networks there are costs attached to it. While Microsoft was happy to cover these expenses, Sony wasn't as willing.

"On XBL, those costs were covered by Microsoft. As a result, the data is distributed to everyone, so even if you have not bought the new costumes, you can still see them if you're fighting against someone that has because you still received the new data required to display them." said Killian.

"For Sony, those significant costs are not covered. As a result, you only get the new costume data when you actually buy the costumes. Those that don't buy the costumes can't see them, because the new costume data isn't present on your machine, and so you only see costumes you already have the data to represent."

Killian qualified the statement by saying that the situation was made more complicated since the fee varied depending on region.

Capcom has revealed the line-up of games it will be showing off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

[ SOURCE: Eventhubs ]